Focus on your mission

Let your volunteers act

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Recruit and Select

Find the right person for the right task - Fast

Manage Volunteers

Keep track of your volunteers and build relationships - Easily

Focus on what matters

Save precious time and get results - Effectively

Make it yours

Customize to fit your needs, Own your data - Uniquely

One solution for multiple needs


Bring out the best from your team
No matter where you are
Lose the hassle - Focus on what you do


Track how you are doing
Get feebback from volunteers


Find the jobs that fit your volunteers
Get the best out of people

Key Features

Multiple accounts, multiple org levels

With different access rights


Automatically create public pages for upcoming events
Post needs and follow-up in real time
Link with your web page to easily fill in profile details


Collaborate with others in the organization
Keep track of different stages of selection
Notes for interviews
Assign to appropriate actions

Volunteer Management

Easily create volunteer profiles
Automatically update their status
Easily assign to tasks/actions
Assess them with multiple criteria
View their history in a timeline

Actions management

Create actions, events and tasks
Assign volunteers
Get feedback from the volunteers at the end

Shift management

Assign volunteers to shifts
Keep track of the total hours they worked

Job fit

Powerful searches: search for skills / availability / proximity...
Assess multiple factors

Online collaboration

Share with people in your organization in real time
Different access rights


You will never miss an important event again. Helpful notifications keep you updated about all you need to know.


Reports inform you about volunteers statistics

Easily customizable

Open source
Customize to fit your structure, geolocations, forms and processes
Install it where you wish

Usage video - Take a glimpse


For free as open source
or a small fee for setup, customization and training

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